November 24

Week 8

This week has been full of learning, 

This week we have been learning about different types of poetry, and how to write it. To start of we did a poem using metaphor and similes. The other poem we wrote was a shape poem. We also did abstract art on a environment. I did a sun with a rainbow background,I also just did a rainbow. We also learnt about financial maths, were we were given a list of things to bye and we had to stay in a budget, We learnt how to get your moneys worth. 

 Over all this week I have learned a lot, I enjoyed this week.

August 12

Ozo bots

Yesterday our class  played with Ozo bots. Ozo bots are a robot which follows colour’s which are cods. I though thought the were really cool. I drew a code which made the Ozo bot turn in circles, check out there website.   

May 24

My Blog Audit

This is what I found,

 I did 11 posts which 7 of them were school related 4 of them blogging challenge 4 of them my free choice. I got 22 comments including the ones I responded to. I received 6 comments on we need sleep I think it happened because it was the start of the challenge and we were given time to leave comments. I really enjoyed writing the post all about me because it was my first post.I changed my back ground a couple of times because I wanted a new look.I have 4 widgets which only 1 of them is a pet I think 4 to 5 widgets are just right. On my flag counter I had 23 Americans 1 new Zealander and 3 Canadians. I used toodoo to make it creative and google widgets. These are the questions my Mum answered and response  

What were your first impression? It look very interesting

What captured your attention? the very cool background

what distracted you on the blog? nothing really 

what suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? It would be good if you could use different fonts and colours




May 24

Making A Bord game

Georgia and I made a bord game for the student blogging challenge. The materials we used was colours paper sticky tape fine liner scissors. The instructions are you flick the scrunched ball of paper onto the bord what ever amount you land in is how much money you get. Georgia and I had so much fun making it and trying it out.

May 23

Static Electricity

Static electricity is an imbalance of an electric charges.When you go down a slid it is making a static electricity and if you touch some one they will get an electric shock. It does not hurt though but if you got an electric shock from an electric wire it would hurt alot. 

May 19

Going To England!

Soon my family and I are going to go to England to visit friends. Our friends moved last August and are staying for 2 years . We where very sad to say goodbye but… My Mum and Dad said we will go and visit them. I want to go on Christmas so we can have a white Christmas. But we will probably go next Easter it will still be amazing. It would be so cool we would also see some of our family who lives in England.

What was your favourite holiday? 

May 18

Picture story books

In class we are making a picture story book. We chose some books from the library to see what you should put in a picture story book. I am doing a book with Georgia called Bossy Bridget we are so exited to start the book. We are going to present them to the juniors. On my class blog “Learning with Senior IG”  we got some advice from some real authors.  

What is your favourite picture story book?